Solo (2012)

Arranged by Date is Lenio Kaklea’s first work for stage. It is a danced narration —written, choreographed and performed by herself— which delves into the complex relation of memory and language; two primary elements which also constitute and condition deeply the immaterial world of finance. Commerce is conceived numerically; digits just like language signs, mark and trace our daily transactions. What we perform in language is likewise performed in numbers. Although the above similarities are designed to be “invisible” in the mundane daily life, sometimes a memory slip can reveal more than just a weakness to recall a password, a secret code, a safety number. It seems that our identities —indeed, our id numbers are unique— are somehow quantified concealing information about who we are, what we do and how technology re-examines the limits of the individual. Arranged by Date evolves around an insignificant memory loss; the performer-choreographer forgot the secret code of her credit card. As she struggles to recall what the memory has veiled, she inserts herself in an analytical self-tracking mode, alternating between observer and observed. In an era as automated as ours the performance raises the quintessential question; what does a memory gap mean after all?

Duration: 40 minutes

Choreography, video and performance: Lenio Kaklea
Text and dramaturgy in collaboration with Lou Forster
Light design: Philippe Gladieux
Sound design: Eric Yvelin
Costumes: La Bourette and Lenio Kaklea
Production: abd
Co-production: Hellenic National Center for Theater and Dance – E.KE.THE.H; Dancing museum, CCNRB
With the support of: Menagerie de verre in the frame of Studio Lab; CNDC, Angers; CND, Pantin, France; Workspace Brussels

In Arranged by Date Lenio Kaklea uses an extract from The Beginning of Memory by Laurie Anderson, Homeland, 2010

Photos: Marc Domage, Lenio Kaklea