I got familiar with Bruno Munari’s work on kinesthetic learning some years ago, through his tactile surfaces and cut-outs for kids. Yet, I still remember having accidentally discovered Milo Manara's exceedingly erotic Click! in my father’s library at the age of nine…

Manara’s adult readers are restlessly seeking for pleasure when they enter into the exciting lives of the women depicted in his books.

Years later, during a conversation with a colleague around Munari’s work, I kept mispronouncing his name in all possible ways (Murani, Munani, Manura) when Manara's name slipped in. So I thought it would be fun to carry on this accidental slip of the tongue by linking the two in a sort of a montage.

Lenio Kaklea, Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair: Munari read as Manara and vice versa, 2013.