Lecture demonstration (2019)
Third chapter of Practical Encyclopeadia

Ballad is the third chapter of Practical Encyclopaedia. In this lecture demonstration, Lenio Kaklea regards our gestures as a moving landscape and as a reflexive practice enabling emancipation. Indeed, in our rationalized and technocratic culture the body is still placed within the persistent ideologies that perceive it out of the conventions of discourse and, thus, treating it as always pre-linguistic. Through an autobiographical and sociological dance narrative, the choreographer addresses her background as a dancer; her dance education, pertaining to the modernist tradition, the undertones implied by certain bodily aesthetics, but mainly the thoroughgoing consideration of the body as an analytical category for questioning stereotypes and biases. She also invites us to consider the utopias at the premise of modern dance, the conviction that despite the peripheral status of dance as an art form, it has so often become the tool for engagement and participation in social transformations that the developments of capitalism have rendered necessary.

Ballad received the Dance Prize from the Hermès Italia Foundation and the Milan Triennale in 2019. The lecture demonstration exists in English and in French.

Duration: 55 minutes

Concept, choreography and interpretation: Lenio Kaklea
Text and dramaturgy in collaboration with Lou Forster
Outside eye and transmission of Martha Graham repertory: Jacquelyn Elder
Outside eye and vocal training: Dalila Khatir
Transmission of François Malkovsky repertory: Suzanne Bodak
Sound design and technical direction: Eric Yvelin
Lights: Florian Leduc
Original music for Acts of Light: Carl Nielsen
Original music for The Little Shepherd: Claude Debussy
Production: abd
Co-production: Triennale Milano

Ballad benefited the studios of CN D Centre national de la danse

In Ballad, Lenio Kaklea dances excerpts from the following works: Practical Encyclopaedia, Chosen Portraits (2018) by Lenio Kaklea, Acts of Light (1981) by Martha Graham, The Little Shepherd (1925) by Francois Malkovsky and A Hand’s Turn (2017) by Lenio Kaklea

Photos: Gianluca di Ioia

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