Situated project for a group of participants (2009-2010)

Matter of Act is a context based and process orientated project initiated by Lenio Kaklea for the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in 2009 and rearticulated for the residency Summer Intensive at Les Ballets C de la B in 2010 in Ghent. The project investigates the relation between a stage work, its frame of presentation and the audience. Αudience members are brought together in a group, which elaborates ways to appropriate the works they assist to and create pieces out of it. The participants train themselves to become forgers, skilled enough to perform live copies of the artists’ works. The appropriation process is open to the public thus affirming that all moments of the reconstitution share equal representative value.

Concept, direction: Lenio Kaklea
Video and sound: Sylvia Fredriksson and Fivos Maniatakos
Accompaniment in production: Elsa Kaltsi
With Xenia Aidonopoulou, Theodosis Isaias, Viktoria Karvouni, Ermis Malkotsis,
Yorgos Papageorgiou, Katerina Spyropoulou, Artemis Flessa, Zaira Papaligoura
Production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival, 2009

Photos: Sylvia Fredriksson and Vagelis Pantelis

Concept, direction: Lenio Kaklea
With Susanne Bentley, Irina Biscop, Aleksandra Chmiel, Lydia Debeer,
Brecht Hermans, Lou Forster and Patricia Rau
S.I curators: Christine De Smedt and Myriam Van Imschoot
S.I artists: Pieter Ampe, Sergio Cruz, Christine De Smedt, Nicolaus Gansterer,
Lenio Kaklea, Lilia Mestre, Vladimir Miller, Dimytri Paranyushkin and Myriam Van Imschoot
Documentation: Pieter Van Bogaert
Production: Les Ballets C de la B

Photos: Sergio Cruz and Pieter Van Bogaert