Situated Solo (2017)

In June 2017, collectors Iordanis Kerenidis and Piergiorgio Pepe invited Lenio Kaklea to participate in the Anafi Phenomenon Biennial of contemporary art. The atypical landscape of this Cycladic island, which is both arid and vertical, lead her to think of a dance-piece adapted for several perspectives. The choreographer designed a solo, which consisted of three distinct levels of spectatorship: far, near and very far away. However, the landscape here doesn’t suggest a mere distinction between foreground action and background stillness. As the perspective shifts and with it the range of our vision and our perceptive spectrum, the blending of the environment with the images that the solo evokes suggests more an “area” to think of. Through this choreographic score and its deployment in the landscape, the choreographer puts in tension the relationship between the object to be looked at and the mechanism that organizes our visual experience, indicating also the synthetic procedure that lies underneath every act of looking.

Following the Anafi biennale, the performance was adapted to the garden of Versailles and the king's potager (2018) as well as the museum of Jeu de Paume and the Tuileries garden (2020). Thus, Analphabète is not a site-specific piece, but an arrangement of perspectives on a choreography that each landscape invites us to rethink.

Duration: 30 minutes

Choreography, costume and performance: Lenio Kaklea
Production: abd
Coproduction: Phenomenon, biennale for Contemporary art in Anafi, Greece

Photos: Alexandra Masmanidi