Two-channel video installation (2019)
Second chapter of Practical Encyclopeadia

In the two-channel video installation, 41 Lécuyer street, pertaining to the polymorphous project Practical Encyclopaedia, the choreographer Lenio Kaklea exposes her studio practice in which several intensities and regimes of representation meet: repetition, performance, conversation. She proposes to look closely at the influence of the urban environment in relation to the inhabitants’ practices where her choreographic process is situated. In the studio the body is submitted to exercises, accumulates techniques and learns to slide, run, fall. These actions are never separate from the places where they were initially worked on. The same poses are found in seemingly unrelated activities such as writing a text, making tea or strolling in the street. Dance seen as a situated practice combines different ways of moving in the world and allows for the invention of deviations, short cuts and detours.

Duration: 45 minutes loop

Direction, choreography, text and performance: Lenio Kaklea
With the participation of Maryse Emel
Image and Editing: Jérôme Javelle
Sound: Eric Yvelin
Artistic collaboration: Lou Forster
Costumes and accessories: Sotiris Vasiliou
Coordination: Pierre Simon
Production: abd
Co-production: Le Quartz/Scène Nationale de Brest, Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain

With the support of Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers

Photos: Aurélien Mole

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