Solo for Two Spectators (2017)

A Hand’s Turn is what we could call a private session for two spectators at a time; it is a gesture, in a subtle choreographic sense, involving a book and a performer. In the first part of this solo piece, the performer unfolds the practices of reading, as she turns the sheets of paper from right to left, in a steady and continuous flow, proposing a duration, a trajectory, a story. The repetition of the linear movements of the hands identifies with the repetitive back and forth motions of the eyes as they scan the content and surface of the pages. This ocular itinerary, the decryption of the signs, the time and temporality created by the hand movements, the spacing of the pages deconstruct and re-assign the function of the gaze. In the second part of the encounter, the performer dances with her back to the audience; with the use of a small hand mirror she guides the visitors’ gaze in the act of seeing. After the session, one can purchase the book, tracing back their own experience, looking at their own practices of seeing ―and partly themselves in the show.

A Hand’s Turn is part of the collections of the KADIST Foundation and CNAP-National Center of Fine Arts.

Duration: 25 minutes

Concept, choreography and text: Lenio Kaklea
Interpretation in alternance: Jackie Elder, Lenio Kaklea
Artistic collaboration: Lou Forster
Editing, translations and proof reading: Eleni Tranouli
Set design: Sotiris Vasiliou
Sound: Eric Yvelin
Styling: Lenio Kaklea
Production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival, 2017
Executive production: abd

Photos: Ayra Dil, Emmanuelle Ayart, Martin Argyrogio

Concept, text: Lenio Kaklea
Curatorial collaboration: Lou Forster
Design: Studio Lialios Vazoura
Text editing and translations: Eleni Tranouli
Proof reading: Macklin Kowal

Published by Big black black mountain the darkness never ever comes