A Hand’s Turn is a choreographic piece and a book. In this work, Lenio Kaklea exposes the gestures of reading, the pages turned from right to left which, in a slow and continuous beat, unfold a duration, a trajectory, a story. Presented during a session for one or two viewers, it invites us to think about the situation constructed by this practice. The particular itinerary of the regard focused at and projected on the space of the page, the decryption of the signs, the hand movement that accompanies the production of affects and the body that stands on the sidelines. After the session, the visitors are invited to purchase the book. What it was an exchange can now be experienced by the reader performing the choreography for him·herself.

Choreography, text, interpretation: Lenio Kaklea
Curatorial collaboration: Lou Forster
Set and light design: Sotiris Vasiliou
Sound: Eric Yvelin
Styling: Yonatan Zohar
Monitoring: Agnès Henry - extrapole
Production: Athens & Epidaurus Festival, 2017

Executive production: Le O

Photos: far° Nyon, Arya Dil, 2018

Concept, text: Lenio Kaklea
Curatorial collaboration: Lou Forster
Text editing and translations: Eleni Tranouli
Proof reading: Macklin Kowal
Design: Studio Lialios Vazoura

Published by Big black black mountain the darkness never ever comes