Solo in collaboration with Lucinda Childs (2013)

Deux·l is a collaborative piece between choreographers Lucinda Childs and Lenio Kaklea, based on a sound composition by Ryoji Ikeda. Though alchemy is undoubtedly a cornerstone of this subtle sharing of practices, the result is an experiment that doesn’t necessarily comply with the spiritual quest for the philosopher’s stone. Similar to medieval alchemists’ inquisitiveness with natural elements, the work treats matter, constantly transforming movement, energy and visual signs, to quest for a body and its language (the latter seen as the body of thought). However, this moulding of elements and multiple transformations, doesn’t form into something abstract. Lucinda’s distinct vocabulary and insistent rhythmical patterns as the structural premise of her work ―so rigorous and complex that one could call scientific― coincided with Lenio Kaklea’s academic background, which was initially infused with an oriental temperament and an appetite for cyclical patterns. Their joined forces, as playfully implied in the title of this piece, created for both a rich imagery of femininity and its symbols. An insightful work on the female body, examined both as language and of a language pertaining to the corpus of the feminist thought.

Duration: 20 minutes

Choreography: Lucinda Childs
In collaboration with Lenio Kaklea
Dance: Lenio Kaklea
Sound: Ryoji Ikeda, Headphonics [VPRO Version]
Lights: Philippe Gladieux
Set and video: Paris Mexis
Production: abd
Co-production: Vif du Sujet, SACD, France; Onassis Cultural Center, Athens

Photos: Marc Domage